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Very important update

Business Service I

Description of the event

Blue Team Solution by Red Team staffs…

Web Security Protection Plan A Web Security Protection Plan B
Monthly Report Monthly Report
Bi-weekly Backup (Entire website including database, themes and plugins) Monthly Backup (Entire website including database, themes and plugins)
Server Hardening Server Hardening
Website Hardening Website Hardening
Update themes and plugins Update themes and plugins
IP table rule implantation for VPS IP table rule implantation for VPS
Blocking and Black Listing Blocking and Black Listing
Password Policy Password Policy
Virus and Malware Scanning Virus and Malware Scanning
2 Factor Authentication 2 Factor Authentication
Apache Authentication Apache Authetication
Log Analysis & Report Log Analysis & Report
Enable Captcha Protection Enable Captcha Protection
Incidence Solution Incidence Solution
Hacker Protection
Email Protection
cPanel Protection
Server Shifting Solution
Video Tutorials
Support 24/7 Support 24/7
Rs 7,000 per month ­­­­­Rs 5,000 per month


Entire Process will be manual process. We don’t want to miss anything…


Business Service II

Organizational Security Practice Training

  • Security Audit


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