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Objective of K.D.D.College

Khamgar Druk Dharmakara College

Khamgarh Druk Dharma kara College is a Buddhist institution, which is possible to establish owing to immense aspiration and blessings of previous and present Gyalwa Dhokhampa Rinpoche. This college is to study, enhance buddhist practice and  improve cultivation on buddhist path, in general, and, particularly, the unique and precious teachings of Drukpa Kargyu lineage as well.

The main purpose of commencing this College is seeing shortage of well-rounded Drukpa Kargyu lineage’s institution in India, where adherents can study its specific teachings of Tantra and Sutra. Mass major followers of Drukpa lineage from Ladhak, Kinnour and all across the Himalayan region’s, similarly, pupil coming from Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, who are interested on studying Drukpa lineage’s texts and practice, are undergoing hardship of losing their opportunity to study their own lineage’s teachings. Furthermore, the direct teachings and specific interpretation of Drukpa lineage are endangering and becoming ambiguous like stars in the day.

Hence, this institution is newly built to provide complete education: mainly about teachings of great Pandita Kunchen Pema Karpo’s comprehensive interpretation on Tantra and Sutra, including literature and language skills etc. to students from distinct regions, and brought them up as a two traditional that is secular and spiritual learned person.

In short, the objective of this college is to train and recruit students as much as possible, whom are able to preserve and spread Buddha dharma, in general, and particularly, to prepare students who are interested and convicted toward life-time practice in retreat centre. In addition to that, it is another significant to make survival of the core of Drukpa lineage intact for everlasting all over the different direction of the world.

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