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Administration Members



Supreme Head of Tashi Jong Monastery
Senior Adviser

Khenpo Zangpo Bodh
He had been teaching and overseeing many years up to 2005.
Year 2006 – 2014, he was raising funds for regular expenses of the Institution.
From 2014, has been raising funds for building boundary of K.D.D College.

Senior Adviser

Khenpo Choeying Lhundup
starts to teach at K.D.D college in 2004.
In 2005 he was designated as Khenpo.
Since then, has taught and mainly supervised on educating monks up to 2019. Yet, he is continuing his teaching in 2020.

Chief Executive

Khenpo Jampa Yonten
Starts teaching at Shedra in 2004.
From 2006 – 2012 he done as as teacher and regular member of office.
He was designated as a Khenpo in 2009.
Since 2012 -2019 he took main responsibility of new shedra construction and office.
In 2020 he is appointed as chief Executive of the Institution.

General Manager
Khenpo Nawang Zangpo

Graduated in 2011.
Taught several years at D.G.L Nunnery.
Appointed as a Khenpo at K.D.D College.
He has been taking responsibility of funds organizing of K.D.D College. He is appointed as a general manager in 2020.
Secretary & Treasurer
Lhopon Thupten Gelek
Joined to this Shedra in 2017 as teacher.
Since than he has been teaching and in 2020 he is appointed as a secretary and treasurer.
Organizer & Auditor

Lhundup Palden Negi
he was appointed as a disciplinarian in 2006.
From 2009 he had done as manager for several year.
Graduated in 2011.
Since 2012, he assisted on new Shedra construction and office activity.
2018 and 19 he looked after at Taiwan Dharma Center.
In 2020 he is appointed an organizer and auditor.


Assistant of Treasurer

Rinchen Phuntsok
Graduated in 2017.
He was disciplinarian in 2018.
In 2019 he went retreat for a year.
In 2020, he is appointed as an assistant of treasurer.

As we all are familiar with that this institution K.D.D.College is run by Khenpos and its stuffs under the guidelines and supervision of H.E. Pal Gyalwa Dhokhampa and his follower Rinpoches. The great instructions of Rinpoches and owing to immense efforts and diligent of Khenpos and stuffs, today, this institution reach wonderful success that it has its own fundamental resources of magnificent shrine hall, accommodation for students, Kitchen, garden and great numbers of Sangha-monks and intensive learning process of Buddhism. Which brings us confident and encouragement of having unwavering ground of Buddhist institution.

So far, this institution was looked after by different division of stuffs- (i-e, internal and external stuffs) due to not having sufficient stuffs. And we are grateful and fortunate, everything went well according to our wish because of immense efforts and sincerity of every stuffs.

In future, however, continuing uncertain stuffs and single man leading may bring less effective consequence for this institution, Khenpos and stuffs conducted a long discussion, taking profound instruction from Pal Gyalwa Dhokhampa and come up with idea of having a strong administrative committee that upholds and leads forward to making this institution more better and effective learning environment and consider on its best quality and longevity.

Therefore, we initiate an administrative committee consisting chief executive, general manager, secretary and treasurer, organizer and auditor and treasurer assistant, who carry over all main responsibility of this institution. Their period of being as an executive will be two years, this period is finalized considering on the effective performance of the executives. The number of executives can be decrease and increase according to its necessary in future, but for now there are five.

Mainly, under the instructions of chief executive and general manager and their noticed each executive will do one’s duty with pure sincerity. Below are current Administrative committee executives.

1. Chief Executive: Khenpo Jampa Yonten
2. General Manager Khenpo Nawang Zangpo
3. Secretary & Treasurer Lhopon Thupten Gelek
4. Organizer & Auditor Lhundup Palden Negi
5. Assistant of treasurer Rinchen Phuntsok


This is finalized with planning of initiating new activities in the new year by new regular executives. Generally, these executives will be responsible for looking over education, discipline, financial and construction etc. rest, disciplinarian, kitchen manager, teachers and other stuffs will individually engage in their own duties under the guidance of regular executives.


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