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Initially, Tashi Jong Sheda was built by H.E. 8th Gyalwa Dhokhampa, which is looked after by H.E Dorzong Ringpoche after 8th Khamtrul rinpohe’s death. Under the guidance of Dorzong Rinpoche, Khenpo Losel had tought Buddhist philosophy to the students for a long time. Back then, food and accommodation was provided by respectively monastery kitchen and monastery. Later, H.E. Jamyang Khyentse Yeshi patronized to construct separately a New Sheda, after completing that construction it was opened in 2004. though there was not an official office, students shifted into a New building and a senior monk Rinchen Nyingpo was appoint as a Kitchen manager through voting.

Due to arriving Khenpo Choewing Lhundup, Khenpo Nawang Zangpo and Khenpo Jampa Yonten in Tashi Jong Sheda in 2005, the number of students started rapidly to rise steadily. Therefore, considering, an office is significant aspect to run institution, in 2007, guidance was taken from H.E Gyalwa Dhokhampa, Dorzong Rinpoche and Tokden Achoe for an office. Following their guidance, Khenpo Losel was given responsibility on fund raising for the sheda and Khenpo Jampa Yonten was incharged to look after the office as a daily stuff and Lama Phuntsok was elected to sheda Kitchen manager. In 2008, many primary students were invited and offered all the good facilities to educate them.
During the tenure of Popa Rinpoche as a vice president of Tashi Jong, in 2009, he and his colleagues proposed to build a new day school for Tibetan and Indian villager’s children. After its construction, the school was handed over to Sheda due to request and seeing its priority and necessary to Sheda. Later, school was attached with new latrine and washroom then young monks were shifted at the school.

In 2010, once again, through the guidance of H.E. 8th Gyalwa Dhokhampa, H.E. Dorzong Rinpoche and Yogi Achoe, an application was applied according to law of Indian government for granting an authority to have Shed’s own stamp and official paper. Khenpo Losel took the same responsibility of fund raising for monks’ food and Khenpo Jampa Yonten took the incharge of overseeing on new construction of Sheda.

In 2011, Khenpo Losel continues his same responsibility. In addition,Tulku Choegyal Rinpoche had put his best effort to raise funds for monks’ food as he was requested, yet Khenpo Nyawang Zangpo also raised funds during his vacation as well. Khenpo Jampa Yonten took the same responsibility overseeing the sheda construction.

Tashi Tsering was appointed to manage kitchen in 2012 while Khenpo Losel and Khenpo Nyawang Zangpo continued on raising funds and took care on the expenses of daily bases stuffs etc. Besides that, Tulku Popa also went to Taiwan for raising funds for Sheda’s expenses as he was requested for. Taking the main responsibility over medication of the Khampagarh Sheda students by Lama Sherap la, Phunstok Dodgyung Ling Centre in Taiwan starts providing help on medicine to the Sheda monks. Assisting by Lhundup Palden Khenpo Jampa Yonten continue overseeing on Sheda construction.

In 2015, Sheda’s Kitchen manager was changed and Lama Ogyen took the in charge of the kitchen. From this year, Khenpo Losel has taken responsibility to raise funds particularly for building Sheda’s boundry, while Khenpo Nyawang Zangpo has taken responsibility to look after 0n daily basis expenses of the monks. AS earlier, Phunstok Dodgyung Ling Centre constantly keeps helping on medicine. Khenpo Tenzin Topgyal and Khenpo Sonam wangyal were given in charge to be casher whereas, Lhundup Palden worked on sheda’s official documenting and Khenpo Losel, Tulku Popa, Yeshi Phuntsok and Singye were appointed as special members of constructing new Sheda.

In 2016, Khenpo Losel, Khenpo Nyawang Zangpo and Phunstok Dodgyung Ling Centre continued their activity as before, respectively, raising funds for Sheda boundary, daily basis monks expenses and medicine for monks. Khenpo Jampa Yonten constantly oversaw on construction of the new sheda and he was accompanied by Khenpo Losel, Tulku Popa, Yeshi Phuntsok and SIngye. In 2017, Singye Gyaltsen was placed newly as a Kitchen manager and the rest, Khenpo Losel, Khenpo Nyawang Zangpo and Phunstok Dodgyung Ling Centre continued their activity similar, while Khenpo Choeying Lhundup went abroad during his vacation, and raised funds for sheda as possible as could. Others, Khepo Jampa Yonten took the same responsibility to look after on construction of the new Sheda angina he was offered hands by Khenpo Losel, Tulku Popa, Yeshi Phuntsok and Tashi Tsering. In 2018, Lhundup Palden was sent to Dharma Centre of Sheda in Taiwan. and Lama Tsultrim Zangpo is sent a Dharma Centre at Vietnam.  A part from that, other activities were held similarly as in 2017.

The major activities of the office are fulfilling all the fundamental requirement of the both Sheda and school. Yet, construction of the new Sheda, funds rising planning, expenses of the Sheda and school and utilization of the funds are actively managed through office. Moreover, through office operates relation toward affiliated monasteries, Dharma centres and others Lamas, still, timely organizing meetings and taking care of the official letters are also responsibility of the office.

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