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Although Shedra-philosophy section was there from the beginning of Tashi Jong, there was no separate main temple, accommodation and Kitchen for monks who study Buddhist philosophy. Since, monks and khenpos moved to new shedra in 2003, Kitchen and its runner was necessary to be separate. Therefore, as per rule of the monastery a senior monk Rinchen Nyingpo was selected by voting to be manager of Shedra. He had done his best to provide meals to the khenpos and students.
In 2006, even though Lama Phuntsok, a senior monk, was selected as a second kitchen manager of Shedra, after completing three years of Kitchen manager period by Rinchen Nyingpo. At the same time, due to high increasing of monks, managing provision to monks and teacher wasn’t readily happen by manager only. Given that, set up an office of shedra so that raise some funds and extend financial help to kitchen manager.
Realizing the best option to take the full responsibility by Shedra itself about kitchen, Lhundup Palden, a monk from Shedra was appointed as a Kitchen manager and his role was to arrange sufficient food for monks, all the expenses and accounts of kitchen including: buying stuffs, cooks salary, incomes from the prayers was taken care by Shedra office.
However, Tashi, a graduated monk from Shedra was appointed as a Shedra kitchen manager in 2012, it was continued by Shedra office to account monthly expenses and others. Similarly, in 2015, Ogyen, a graduated monk was hand over the kitchen duty and expenses were managed by office.
Since 2017, Singhe Gyaltsen has been taking over the responsibility of kitchen on serving provision to monks and has to account monthly every detail of expenses to shedra office to acquire reimbursement of expenditure.

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