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Purpose of Primary School of K.D.D.College

Although, there were plenty of Buddhist practitioner and followers around all the Himalayan region i.e. Tibet, Bhutan, and some part of India, in ancestral period of time, their new generation are hardly familiar with their precious practice of Buddhism due to lack of people who has exact understanding of Buddhism, opportunity, schools and environment for Buddhist learning. Yet, these regions of people are interested to let their children learn Buddhism and continue their ancestral precious practice. Therefore, they are sending their children out at different monastery. Given that, as this institution has a great Dharma connection with Himalayan people of Ladhak, Zangskar, Garsha, Khunu, Denjong, Bhutan and Nepal, it is our mere responsibility to survive their ancestral practice of Buddhism intact and provide opportunity and environment for their new generation to learn Buddhism. Besides that, this K.D.D. College has enough extra seats and opportunity to study, since monks from the main monastery are hardly taking an admission in the Shedra due to their own busy schedule of practice. Considering the above two reason, we start our own primary school where we can trained the student for their better future and further study at K.D.D. College if they are interested.

About Constructing Primary School
Receiving above 30 students from different Himalayan parts for studying Buddhism in this Shedra in 2008, we, from the Shedra arranged as good as possible for their accommodation, food and fundamental necessary and classes so that they could study Tibetan and English reading, writing, speaking and listening along with Buddhist Philosophy.

In 2009, as requested and explained, how wonderful it would be, if Popa Tulku, who is a member of Shedra, allowed utilizing the day School, which he has built during his Vise President tenure for native Indian and Tibetan Children. Popa Tulku kindly accepted our proposal and handed over the day school to Shedra,  We, Shedra expanded that school adding with new Kitchen, Classes, rest room and other necessary appliances. After moving all the young monks into the school, we were able to provide all the fundamental necessary, health care and classes etc.

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