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Prayers & offerings

  • particular prayers: ———————————————– Amount:


Buddha’s teachings 108 volumes————————————100,000/

Short, medium and Extensive Prajnparamita———————-20,000/

Extensive Prajnaparamita 12-volumes —————————–15,000/

Medium Prajnaparamita 3-volumes———————————3500/

Prajnaparamita in 8000 verses ————————————–1500/

Sutra of liberation——————————————————500/

Diamond Sutra———————————————————-300/

Biography of Padmasambhava—————————————-1000/

Long life Sutra for 100 times——————————————1000/

Brief reading of Kangyur ———————————————-3000/

Tara Prayers for 100 times ——————————————–500/

Long life & medicinal mantra for 1000 times———————–500/

Other several prayers i,e, healing diseases, prosperity, dedications prayers for deceased etc. are performed on demand, there is no fix prices for them.


  • Noted: Whatever, offering coming for above prayers are merely used at monks’ provisions, and all the prayers are done separately several times according to demands. We don’t make one time prayers equal to everyone’s demand.
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