• Subjects of Khamgar druk dharmakara college

  • Subjects of Khamgar druk Primary School

  • Time table of daily activity


  • 1st yr> Collected topic, novice monk Karika, a letter to friend. part time learning: Grammar thirty verses and English
  • 2nd yr> Cognition & Syllogism, Ornament Salvation by Takpo Rinpoche, part time learning: Grammar & English
  • 3rd yr> auto-commentary of Treasury of Valid Reasoning, essence of awareness in general, part time learning: grammar English
  • 4th yr> auto-commentary of Treasury of Valid Reasoning, essence of awareness in general, part time learning: grammar English
  • 5th yr> Parajanaparamitta by Buton Rinpoche, Distinguishing Dharmata, Distinguishing middle from extremes,
  •  6th yr> Parajanaparamitta by Buton Rinpoche, the ornament of the Mahayana sutra, clearing doubt on the turning wheel,
  • 7th yr>  Buddha nature, maitreya oral-transmission prajanaparamitta,
  • 8th yr> Auto-commentary of Madhayimika, Root wisdom of Madhayimika, Part time: Tibetan grammar and English
  • 9th yr> Four hundreds verses of Madhyimika, Part time Tibetan Grammar and English
  •  10th yr> Auto-commentary of Abhidharma, Compendium of Abhidharma,
  •  11th yr> Auto-commentary Abhidharma, Thirty verses and Twenty verses
  • 12th> Extensive commentary of Vinaya
  1. Every year, we organize a specific teaching from pith-instruction Drukpa lineage to entire 

Shedra Students

In 7th grade, Prananaparamitta certificate is given to the students who completed three year Prajanaparamitta.

  1. First division in Prajanaparamitta study are appointed as a review teacher.
  2.  At graduation, students are conferred equivalent to M.A. degree
  3. First division of graduated students are appointed as teacher (Lhopon)
  4.  Students are labeled Khenpo degree those who continue teaching to this institute or others
  5.  Students must participate in Semester Examination and Annual Examination. Discussion, memorization and writing are done on Examination

Rest, every week discussion among students and debate performing are done and all the Buddha festival are celebrated with poem writing, debate and talk.


  • 1st year, memorize root texts of grammar and prayers. Learn Tibetan and English reading, writing
  • 2nd year, memorize major root texts. Learn Tibetan and English grammar, Letter to friend, Elegant saying by Sakya pandita
  • 3rd year, memorize root texts and learn Tibetan and English grammar. 37 practices of Bodhisatva, 50 instructions for novice, Jewell ornament of liberation
1 Morning 05:00 Do Fresh up
2 ;; ;; 05:30 Start Workout
3 ;; ;; 06:00 Learn by heart
4 ;; ;; 07:00 Breakfast
5 ;; ;; 08:00 Attend Class
6 ;; ;; 09:30 Tea Break
7 ;; ;; 10:00 Attend Class།
8 ;; ;; 11:00 Casual students’ classes
9 Mid Day 12:00 Lunch Break
10 Afternoon 14:00 Revising with Chorpon
11 ;; ;; 15:00 Tea Break
12 ;; ;; 15:30 Self study & prepare for debate session
13 ;; ;; 16:00 Debate Session
14 Evening 17:00 Learn by heart
15 ;; ;; 18:00 Dinner Break
16 ;; ;; 19:00 Evening prayers
17 ;; ;; 19:45 Debate Session
18 Night 21.00 Self Study
19 ;; ;; 22:00 Bed time་


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